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The Ultimate Geek’s Guide To Proposing

The type of proposals that catch our eyes are the totally unexpected kind. Enter the geekiest proposal ideas ever. We’re talking video game inspired engagement ringsHarry Potter-themed proposal scavenger hunts, and so much more. Crafting these types of proposals takes more than a dinner reservation and red roses, so we rounded up all the ingredients you need for the best, most-geeked-out proposal ever.

Step 1: Pick Out The Perfect Ring

The best geeked out engagement rings are the ones that subtly tie in your obsessions. Take for example this DNA double helix ring. It’s a science nerd’s dream ring. You know, because nothing says love like the human genome.

Step 2: Prep the Presentation

Now that you have the ring it’s time to choose an equally amazing box to present it in like this Dr. Who inspired Tardis ring box!

Step 3: Plan Your Outfit

What’s your favorite cosplay? This is the time to get into character and it’s going to be your best performance yet. Hint: Wait until ComicCon so your girlfriend or boyfriend will have a reason to be dressed up to without it seeming suspicious…

Step 4: Take Advantage Of Your Awesome Nerdy Job If You Can (Hint: Zoom In)

Back in 2008 when Google launched Google Street View, Google alerted their employees to pose for a photo in front of the company headquarters. The result? A proposal immortalized in Google Maps. Once Google Street View launched, that guy in the center of the photo with the proposal sign asked his girlfriend for directions — and we’re sure you know the rest.

Step 5: Put A Few Words On Paper

You’re not just going to get down on one knee and silently shove the ring box in her face. So before the nerves kick in, write down what you want to say and maybe even rehearse with a friend. One of our favorite geeky proposal lines? “I choose you, Pikachu!”

Step 6: Prepare For The Engagement Shoot

Some couples like to do a surprise engagement shoot right after (this will be even easier if you’re all dressed up). We particularly love this Mario Kart themed engagement shoot. See more photos on GizmoDiva.com.

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